WSDOT Prestress Concrete Design and PGSuper Training, August 12-14, 2024

The WSDOT Bridge Design Technology Unit will be hosting a 3-day (1/2 day sessions) precast-prestressed concrete bridge girder design, and PGSuper training webinar on August 12-14. The training is free to all but limited to the first 1000 enrollees.

You must sign up for each day of the webinar separately. The registration links are:

The webinar format will be 2-2.5 hours of design theory with a detailed set of calculations followed by 60-90 minutes of PGSuper training.

Day 1 (8am-12pm PDT)
Part 1: Introduction to Prestressed Concrete
Part 2: Introduction to BridgeLink and PGSuper

Day 2 (8am-12pm PDT)
Part 1: Flexural Design
Part 2: Intermediate PGSuper topics

Day 3 (8am-12pm PDT)
Part 1: Shear design, slab haunch design, and load rating
Part 2: Advanced PGSuper topics

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