Need help with modeling construction sequence

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Need help with modeling construction sequence

Hi all,

This is Ali, I'm using PGSplice to model 220 ft spliced girders (spliced on ground with 1st stage post-tensioning), then erect them on bents into simple support condition, then do the 2nd stage post-tensioning to create a 3 span live load continuous frame.

When creating the timeline, looks like the program does not allow for casting splices (closure joints) before erecting segments, and it does not allow any prestressing before casting those joints.

Therefore, I must do the following timeline: Erect segments (about 73 ft each) > cast closure joints > 1st stage PT > cast deck > 2nd stage PT

Whereas in reality I need this: Cast closure joints on ground > 1st stage PT > erect the full 220 ft girder > cast deck, end diaphragms, pier diaphragms, and intermediate diaphragms > 2nd stage PT

I'd greatly appreciate any help on how to work around this.


Rick Brice
Need help with modeling construction sequence

PGSplice does not yet support ground splicing. All PT must occur after erection and closure joint casting.

This is on our to-do list, but has not been implemented or assigned a priority.

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