PGSuper / XBRate Pier View

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PGSuper / XBRate Pier View

Iā€™m having some issues understanding the Pier View in PGSuper, and the exported Pier View in XBRate. I have attached a file supplementing the below. The PGSuper file is also attached.

Most of the PGSuper Pier View looks correct, except for the location of the Bridge Line and curb to curb width. The bridge line should be in the middle of the pier ( 14' Left normal to the alignment ), but in the pier view it appears to be placed 14' Left along the plane of the pier.

The curb-to-curb width of 75.92ā€™ is less than the actual width of 77.79ā€™. The same is shown for XBRate. Based on my understanding of how XBRate operates this will affect the number of lanes and live load positions. We have a highly skewed bridge, so this effect will be minimal on structures with no skew or a small skew.

The roadway slope and top of diaphragm slope in the PGSuper Pier View appeared to be correct.

I exported to XBRate, and the roadway slope and top of diaphragm changed significantly. The column lengths also changed. The edit pier dialog box shows cross slopes in plane of the pier as -0.07 and 0.07, but those are the slopes normal to the alignment.

Hopefully I am just missing something, and it can be easily remedied by correcting my input. If there is a problem with the graphical representation it may not have much of an effect on the results, with the exception of the curb-to-curb roadway width on highly skewed bridges.

Thank you for your time.

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Rick Brice
PGSuper / XBRate Pier View

Excellent questions - from a high level, there appears to be some issues with the XBRate exporter that are magnified for high skews. The PGSuper integrated model appears to be good with the exception of the BridgeLink graphic. The misplacement of the graphic wont affect the analysis.

I've put your questions and the related files into your tracking system and will get to work on it soon.

PGSuper / XBRate Pier View

Thank you!

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