Different bearing lines at same pier

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Different bearing lines at same pier


I'm trying to model a bridge widening that would have the bearing line with a different offset (i.e. 4ft) than that of the existing bridge (i.e. 1ft) but with the same span and girder length for both the existing bridge and the widening, that is, the widened slab would be connected to the existing one.
I know that the bearing offset can be changed for the pier in the "connections" tab for each pier but, would it be possible to set a different offset for each girder in the same abutment/pier?


Rick Brice
Different bearing lines at same pier

The software does not have the ability to model multiple bearing lines at a pier. As far as the structural design is concerned, if you get the span length and girder length correct, the design should be good. Some of the geometry might be a little off.

Defining bearing offsets per girder is on our list. It would be helpful for future development if you could share a sketch of the geometry you are trying to model. If you don't want to post it in this open forum, it can be send directly to me at WSDOT.


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