MCFT Shear Capacity

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MCFT Shear Capacity

Hi, I have a question regarding how PGSuper calculates the shear capacity based on the MCFT. Is the shear capacity calculated by PGSuper calculated assuming that adequate longitudinal reinforcement is provided per AASHTO LRFD BDS-9 Article, or are the calculated shear capacities reduced if inadequate longitudinal reinforcement is provided to satisfy Eq.
For reference, I am asking because I am performing a load rating in which the shear rating factors are above 1.0 but the C/D ratio for the longitudinal reinforcement check is below 1.0 at the face of support.

Rick Brice
MCFT Shear Capacity

Capacity is computed assuming adequate longitudinal reinforcement.

I've only considered this from a design perspective. You have an excellent point from a load rating perspective.

I'll put this on our list to see if we can do a reduced shear capacity for inadequate tension ties.

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