Sidewalk Deflections

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Sidewalk Deflections

I've got a wide simple 3 span bridge with a 6.5' sidewalk on one side and and a 16' sidewalk on the other. The GDOT provisions that I'm using state that with a bridge over 70' wide the barrier and sidewalk DC load should be evenly distributed to the 4 exterior girders. I need to report the composite dead load deflections due to barrier and sidewalk on my plans. Even though they're only slight differences, I was wondering if WashDOT does this differently because the camber report within the details report is giving different deflections due to the barrier and sidewalk between these girders. And if it is not calculated evenly is there a work around?


Binary Data 4 Exterior Girder Deflections.pgs699.92 KB
Rick Brice
Sidewalk Deflections

PGSuper does a girder line analysis. I checked the deflections for right 4 girders (H-K). The sidewalk and barrier deflections for H, I, and J are all the same. Girder K differs because it has different composite section properties.

The effective flange width for the exterior girder is wider than the interior girders resulting in a section that is more stiff.

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