Modeling a Double Box Beam

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Modeling a Double Box Beam

What is the best way to model a double box beam in PG Super? It appears this configuration is not within any of the standard DOT libraries. Is there a way to create a section and import it into PG Super?

The specific double box beam I am attempting to model is a BNSF railway bridge standard. It is a 30" deep by 7'-0" wide double box girder with two rectangular voids, creating a double box shape. I cannot seem to find any specific standards within PG Super matching this configuration. Thus, I am not able to define a new entry within PG Super since this girder type does not exist in the standards.

Any help on this would be appreciated!

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Rick Brice
Modeling a Double Box Beam

You'll need to fake out the program, but I think you can use one of the built-in box beams by splitting the width of the center web of the double box between the two outside webs.

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