Negative Moment Demand Reporting

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Negative Moment Demand Reporting


Am modeling for "span made continuous" and looking for the negative moments for service loads. I see that the detail reports for Mu reactions show the min. reactions for all the service loads. However, when analyzing for "span made continuous", these columns are not shown.

Is there a design reason for why service negative moment demands are omitted from the reporting?
I would imagine the negative moments for the span-made-continuous analysis would be the same as the ones shown for the envelope analysis, but would like to confirm.


Rick Brice
Negative Moment Demand Reporting

There is no need to report negative moments for the service limit states. AASHTO LRFD requires stresses be evaluated at the service limit state and moment capacity be evaluated at the strength limit state. Structural responses for all load cases are provided. If you have a need for a service limit state combination for negative moment, it is easy to calculate.

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