Curved Deck Modelling

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Curved Deck Modelling


After so many versions of PGSuper, why is there no feature to model the deck like BGS program in Texas where the deck could be modelled by connecting linear segments and circular arc?

Cubic spline does not seem to be practical to the field.


Thank you for the great

Thank you for the great feedback. The best way to see this done is to contact the folks at and let them know you would like this to be a new feature.

Rick Brice
Curved Deck Modelling

By default, deck edges parallel the alignment so concentric curves are automatically modeled. I'll guess that your bridge has more complex geometry. If you could please share the geometry you'd like to model, that will help define the requirements for future enhancements.

I am sorry I do not have the

I am sorry I do not have the model ready for you to review at this moment. The bridge is around 7000' long in total. The deck edge is parallel to the alignment for particular segment but then it has multiple circular arcs and linear segments which widens the deck.

I will share with you once I get the model ready.

Sukrit Ghorai, PE
Bridge Engineer
Austin, TX

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