Can't find headers/libraries for Grid in PGSuper repository

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Can't find headers/libraries for Grid in PGSuper repository

I can't find the headers and libraries for grid (to display data in tabular format) in PGSuper repository. I also looked in WBFL repository, but they are not there either. May I know where those files are? Also, PGSuper solution has reference to the project PGSuperIDL. May I know where the files for PGSuperIDL are located? Thanks.

Rick Brice
Can't find headers/libraries for Grid in PGSuper repository

PGSuper uses the Stingray ObjectiveGrid product from Perforce ( We have never been able to find an open-source grid solution that provides the functionality we need.

The PGSuper.sln is old - I didn't realize it was in the repository. PGSuper is a plug-in to the BridgeLink framework, not a stand alone application. I recommend building the BridgeLinkComplete.sln from the BridgeLink repository.

Issues while building BridgeLinkComplete solution

Hello Rick,

Thank you very much for your response to my previous query.

Per your advice, I have started with BridgeLinkComplete.sln. But I am having difficulties in building the application. Could you please help me on the following?

1. When I open the BridgeLinkComplete solution, 35 projects are listed and all but BEToolboxExtensions are successfully loaded. I cannot find the folder, BEToolboxExtensions under BridgeLink folder and the project files therein. May I know where I can find the files for BEToolboxExtensions?

2. When I try to Build the whole solution, Visual Studio first tries to build BEToolBoxXML. But encounters the following error:

Debug Win32 ------
2>Xalan-C_1D.lib(Xalan-C_1_11D.dll) : fatal error LNK1112: module machine type 'x64' conflicts with target machine type 'X86'

I have tried changing the .lib and .dll filenames in the project file for BEToolBoxXML. But, although I was able to resolve the conflict between 'x64' and 'X86', I am still getting the following errors:

Curvel.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "public: static class xercesc_3_1::MemoryManager & __cdecl xalanc_1_11::XalanMemMgrs::getDefaultXercesMemMgr(void)" (?getDefaultXercesMemMgr@XalanMemMgrs@xalanc_1_11@@SAAAVMemoryManager@xercesc_3_1@@XZ) referenced in function "class std::unique_ptr > __cdecl CreateCurvelModel(wchar_t const *,struct IUnitServer *)" (?CreateCurvelModel@@YA?AV?$unique_ptr@VCurvel@@U?$default_delete@VCurvel@@@std@@@std@@PB_WPAUIUnitServer@@@Z)

I am also getting the following error:

ARP\PGSuper\Include\PgsExt\Keys.h(45): error C2061: syntax error: identifier 'IStructuredSave'
May I know how to resolve these issues? BTW, I am trying to build everything in WIN32 (X86) and the WBFL library is built in WIN32. Does that have anything to do with these issues?

Thank you very much.

Dipi Chandra

Rick Brice
Issues while building BridgeLinkComplete solution

You have probably pulled code from the "master" branch. We are no longer supporting 32-bit builds. The "master" branch still has some left over 32-bit stuff that's been cleaned up on the "develop" branch.

I recommend you use the develop branch for now. We are getting close to releasing version 7.0. All of the updates are on develop. The code on master is around a year out of date.

This should fix the x64 x64 problem.

With respect to the compile error in Keys.h, the most likely cause is the WBFLCore library hasn't been built.

Start by getting a good WBFL build.

The build BridgeLinkComplete.sln.

The BEToolboxExtensions project is an experimental project. It's in my personal repository. I've updated the BridgeLinkComplete.sln file so that it doesn't contain this project. Again - this is all on the develop branch.

If you like, you can contact me with development questions via my WSDOT account. That way we don't have technical coding discussion in a user forum.


Rick Brice
Also, make sure you set up

Also, make sure you set up all the required environment variables

Rick Brice
Building BridgeLink

I put some effort into cleaning up the build environment and documenting the build instructions.

Building WBFL, BridgeLink, etc. should be easier.

All changes are on the develop branches of the various repositories.

IFC export and import features in PGsuper 7 (Beta 3)

I see in the WSDOT software center that there's an experimental support to IFC export/import in PGSuper. Where can I find these features in the program? Thank you,

Rick Brice
IFC export and import features in PGsuper 7 (Beta 3)

The IFC features are optional and don't install by default.

Run the installer. In the "Custom Setup" step, select "Experimental Features" found under BridgeLink->PGSuper\PGSplice.

Once installed, and you have an open PGSuper file, there will be options on the File > Import and File > Export menus for "Alignment from IFC file" and "Bridge Model to IFC" options, respectively.

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