PG Splice - Segment Tendon PJack Major Issues

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PG Splice - Segment Tendon PJack Major Issues

I seem to have stumbled upon a major bug in all 3 versions of PGSplice (5.0.2, 6.1.0, 7.0.0 (beta)). When we insert tendons in the Segment Details menu and manually modify PJack (by clicking the checkmark and then typing in a value), the PJack values are automatically changed (divided by a value of 3.28) by the program anytime we click away from the menu or to another tab.

All 3 versions of PGSplice are incorrectly calculating anchor set loss for Segment Tendons. The 6.1.0 version seems to have fixed the anchor set loss error for field installed tendons but not segment tendons (tendons installed in the casting yard).

In version 5.0.2, we cannot delete all field installed tendons without the program crashing.

What we are trying to analyze is a timeline in which a post-tensioned girder is stressed (prestressing released at 5 days and PT stressed at 30 days) in the casting yard (i.e. before lifting and hauling occurs). It seems PGSplice can do this, but the software has some major bugs preventing accurate results. Please advise if there is a work-around or solution.

See attached PDF for images of problems with commentary. I have also attached two versions of our models. Thanks!

Rick Brice
Thanks for the post. I will

Thanks for the post. I will look into this and get back to you shortly.

Rick Brice
PG Splice - Segment Tendon PJack Major Issues

These are definitely bugs and I'll get them fixed ASAP and release a new beta for version 7 to minimize disruption to your job.

Here are some possible work-arounds.

Pjack is getting changed. The problem is a unit conversion error. When Pjack comes out of the grid, it is correctly treated as a force value. However, when going into the grid (eg, when you click the tab and return to the grid), it is incorrectly treated as force per unit length. The work around is to input the Pjack you want, leave the tab, and don't return to it. If you return, you must correct the input.

Anchor set loss is also incorrect, only for jacking from the right end of the girder. Since your model is a single span, simple span bridge, change the input to jack from the left end.

I will get things fixed ASAP and hopefully have a new beta out by the end of the week.

Thanks Rick! We appreciate

Thanks Rick! We appreciate it.

One more version 5.0.2 there used to be a subsection in the Details report that listed losses per tendon. It had the subheader "Duct # - Losses in Post-Tension Girder Tendon" where "#" is the duct number. This subsection seems to be gone in both 6.1.0 and 7.0.0 (beta). Did it get moved to somewhere else or is there an easier way to extract the losses in the tendon per location from support?

Rick Brice
That method of reporting

That method of reporting losses became very unwieldy for complex structures. Additionally, there weren't any details reported.

The time-step details report is the best place to get the losses and supporting details. Though, the values aren't reported as losses but rather changes in tendon force due to the application of load, creep and shrinkage of concrete, and strand relaxation. The effective prestress is reported interval by interval. The difference between fpj and fpe is the loss + gain.

I'm still trying diligently to get an updated beta out by the end of the week. Things haven't gone as smoothly as I'd like. If I can't get something by Friday, it won't be until after the Jan 1 because of holiday PTO. Hopefully this delay won't be too much of a problem for you.

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