Girder Bearing Reactions results

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Girder Bearing Reactions results

I have a problem with a model. I have the same model but when I open the model on I get different Girder Bearing Reactions results (for Design Live Load) than when I open the model on version

When I use the I get 90.31kip (LL Design without impact)
When I use the I get 42.79kip (LL Design without impact)

The LL Fatigue result is the same for both of them (36.11kip).

Please let me know if I should trust the results from the latest version.

I really appreciate your help.

(I’m getting the results from Bearing Design Parameters Report)

Rick Brice
Girder Bearing Reactions results

The Version 6 release notes say

"Girder bearing reactions are now reported as a total reaction and a reaction per bearing for girders, such as U-beams, that use multiple bearing pads (M1005)"

So the difference is problem live load distribution factors. The reaction tables have footnotes that say if live load results are per lane or per girder.

Girder Bearing Reactions results

Thank you so much for your answer, but I was checking and the reaction tables in both versions have the same footnote that says *Live Load values are per girder and do not include impact.

So, the differences between those values must be related with something else.

The differences are in the part of "Beam bearing reactions: design vehicles (no impact)"

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