PGSuper server is not working

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PGSuper server is not working

Dear All

I am having an issue with Running the PGSuper due to server problem, can you check it please?


Rick Brice
PGSuper server is not working

There has been a power failure to the building which houses are servers. We are working to resolve the issue.

You should not need access to the servers to use PGSuper.

If PGSuper and PGSplice are trying to reach the configuration servers to check for updates, let them error out and then select the "User the default configuration" option. Remember to go back and re-establish the link to WSDOT servers at a later time.

If you are trying to read the documentation, use the Help | Use Local Documentation option. The full set of documentation is installed with the software so it is available for offline viewing.

Is there another scenario that is preventing you from using the software?

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