Stay in place and barrier loads

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Stay in place and barrier loads

Dear All,

I have prestressed I girder bridge, after modeling the bridge, I am not sure if I need to add the barrier and stay-in-place form loads? Or they are auto added?


Stay in place and barrier loads

If you've modeled barriers - those loads are automatically added.
In the Traffic Barrier library you can specify if the weight of the barrier is computed from its cross sectional area and material or you can provide a weight per unit length.

Distribution of the barrier loads is defined on the Dead Loads tab of the Project Criteria.

Stay-in-place form loads are not automatically defined (unless you are using a custom configuration where they have been pre-defined to a certain specification). On the Loads menu, select Construction Loads. Here you can input a Kip per Sq. Ft pressure load to account for the formwork. Alternatively, you can model the stay-in-place forms with user defined loads.

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