Girder reactions for substructure design

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Girder reactions for substructure design


This is Yuan, a bridge engineer with King County. I'm designing a 68' simple span bridge with WF36TDG girders for superstructure and spread foot for substructure. The question I have now is how to determine the design force for spread footing at each abutment.

I found the Girder Line Pier Reactions, Girder Bearing Reactions, and Pier Reactions in the report, but don't know which one I should use for spread foot design. And also the live load reaction values are per lane and include impact, should I multiple the values by 2 to get the design force for the spread footing (this is a 2-lane bridge)?

Thank you.


Rick Brice

The reporting elements you mention all give the same reactions. Dead load reactions are per girder. Live load reactions are per lane (no live load distribution factor applied). Live load reactions may or may not have impact included as noted.

You can read more about Reactions here

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