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Feature Request: PGSplice

I would love to see the option of having a temporary support type be changed in the timeline (rather than removed). I am modeling a multi-span bridge that has a fairly long middle span that will have three splices. The staging currently being proposed is to splice the two midspan segments on the ground and then lift into place onto strongback supports.

It would be nice to be able to model these as erected onto temporary supports, cast the closure joint & PT & remove middle temporary pier. Then as the beam is dropped in, I change the end temporary piers to strongback supports.

Currently I am thinking I need to model the entire drop in beam as a single unit, pre-tensioned & post-tensioned, and then installed onto strongbacks. Then I'll manually go into the results to verify stresses are OK for the splice region.

Thank you. And please advise me if there is already a means to do this.

Ground Spliced Segments

Ground spliced segments are not currently supported by PGSplice. This feature is on our "To Do" list. Not sure when we will get to it. PGSplice is open source software so if this feature is really important for your project you could sponsor the development.

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