Prestress Losses

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Prestress Losses

Dear All

I have a cored slab bridge with no deck. The strands layout shows 24 strands at the bottom and 2 strands at the top. While checking the output of the software, it looks like it doesn't consider the strands at the top while calculating the stresses and losses. It only considers the total area of both the top and bottom strands. Any idea?

Also is there a way to change the time for losses calculation?


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Rick Brice
Prestress Losses

All of the permanent strands are considered in the stress and loss calculations. Look at the Stresses and Prestress Loss chapters in the Details Report.

An assumption is made that the strands can be modeled at a single location. This may not be 100% accurate for a slab beam with top strands, however, two top strands are not going to change the location of the overall centroid of the prestress force very much.

You can change the timing for loss calculations in the Project Criteria.

Prestress Losses

Thanks for the response

Rafal Anay

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