Announcing BridgeLink Professional and PGSuper Professional 6.0

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February 4, 2021 - BridgeSight Inc

Announcing BridgeLink Professional Version 6.0, PGSuper Professional 6.0 and PGSplice Professional 6.0. This new release introduces many new enhancements to our spliced and conventional prestressed-precast bridge design offerings.

BridgeLink Professional

BridgeLink Professional includes PGSuper Professional, PGSplice Professional, and the Bridge Engineering Toolbox. BridgeLink Professional provides unprecedented capability to design and analyze precast concrete bridges. More information about BridgeLink Professional can be found at:

PGSuper Professional

We have been busy in the PGSuper world, adding support for the latest AASHTO Specifications, new productivity features, and many new capabilities for girder design and analysis. Below is a bullet list of some main new features, but we recommend that you just take it for a test ride!

New Features in PGSuper Professional 6.0

  • Updated for AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications, 9th Edition, 2020
  • Added new Colorado DOT library configuration for PGSuper
  • Added new Decked I-Beam shape
  • Added support for AASHTOWare BrDr Version 7.0 to BrDr translator
  • Added principal tensile stress check in webs of precast elements
  • Added Face of Support topic to Technical Guide
  • Added feature to load rate a single girder or a collection of girders
  • Added Server and Configuration information to the library conflict dialog
  • Improved determination of Face of Support location at integral and continuous piers
  • Added feature to specify the labeling for the first support in a bridge model
  • Non-structural decks are no longer included in moment capacity analysis
  • Added feature to specify initial and final concrete strength for design
  • Added an alert when a file created with an older version of the software is about to be saved with a newer version. A copy of the older version file can be made
  • Improves Bridge Plan View when a subset of spans is selected and the North-up option is disabled
  • Added details of development length calculation for fresh concrete
  • Added highlights to the Status Item list in reports to bring attention to warning messages
  • Fixed problem with missing image files in reports when BridgeLink is installed in locations other than the default
  • Added upper limit to Service III load rating stress
  • Added support for AASHTO Manual for Bridge Evaluation (MBE) 3rd Edition and 3rd Edition with 2020 interims
  • Updated top flange geometry of I-Beam sections to accommodate constant depth top flange widening at the flange tips
  • Added feature to automatically make the exterior faces of box girders flush when enabled in the girder definition
  • Added support for the AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications, 9th Edition, 2020
  • Updated idealized support symbols in Girder View to be consistent with the beam show in the Analysis Results Views
  • Added optional check for tapered sole plate requirements per LRFD 14.8.2
  • Girder bearing reactions are now reported as a total reaction and a reaction per bearing for girders, such as U-beams, that use multiple bearing pads
  • Fixed sections considered for longitudinal reinforcement for shear check for load rating
  • Fixed problem with emergency vehicle loading resetting when file is opened
  • Fixed problem modeling connections with all dimensions set to zero
  • Fixed problem with program termination when changing span length using in-place editing in the Bridge Plan View
  • Fixed problem of user interface getting stuck in endless loop when invalid data is entered in the Bridge Description, Framing window
  • Fixed rounding problems with TxDOT X, Y, and Z dimensions in the TxDOT Haunch Summary report
  • Fixed program termination problem when opening the Girder View for girders with cantilevered ends
  • Fixed problem showing cross section dimensions in the Girder View for Deck Bulb Tee girders
  • Fixed problem with program termination when opening a status item for concrete strength not meeting the requirements of LRFD 5.1
  • Fixed problem reporting draped strand information in TxDOT Girder Schedule report
  • Fixed program termination problem when defining connection geometry with the bearing offset measured along the centerline of the girder
  • Fixed program termination when creating TxDOT Summary Report (Long Form and Short Form) for multi-span continuous structures
  • Fixed program termination problem when creating bridge section cuts when the bridge is modeled on an alignment with a circular curve delta approaching 180 degrees
  • Fixed problem evaluating bridge system skew angles in multi-span bridges modeled on an alignment with a circular curve delta approaching 180 degrees
  • Fixed program termination problem for alignments with angle points where the PI is located at the alignment reference station
  • Fixed rounding problem for E, Fcl, and Fo dimensions in the WSDOT Girder Schedule Report
  • Fixed problem modeling integral piers when the connection dimensions are zero
  • Fixed problem modeling deck edge with spline option
  • Fixed problem evaluating debonding limits when strands are defined by the Individual Strand method
  • Fixed problem computing tension force for sizing auxiliary tension reinforcement
  • Fixed title of time step details report
  • And much more...

More information about PGSuper Professional can be found at:

PGSplice Professional

PGSpliceā„¢ is Precast-Prestressed, Post-Tensioned Spliced Girder design, analysis, and load rating software. PGSpliceā„¢ can be used to design, check, and load rate precast-prestressed spliced girder bridges in accordance with the AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specification and DOT agency-specific criteria. Analysis is performed with a detailed time-step methodology. Specification checking evaluates girders for compliance with strength, service, and detailing criteria. Girder segments are evaluated for stresses and stability during handling and transportation.

PGSplice Professional adds premium features to PGSplice including: 3D visualization; enhanced reporting; enhanced library management; Export Results to Microsoft Excel, DXF, LandXML, and ViaThor's VBent pier design software; And, exceptional customer support.

New Features in PGSplice Professional 6.0

  • Pro configuration library for CalTrans
  • Deck regions can be cast at different times than closure pours
  • Improved reporting and input capabilities for timelines
  • General performance improvements
  • Also see release notes for PGSuper

More information about PGSplice Professional can be found at:

BridgeSight is very proud and excited about this new release and we encourage current customers to upgrade as soon as they get a chance. Those of you who have not tried BridgeLink Professional for a while, we recommend that you take a test drive. 30 day trial information can be found at: