PGSuper Location to Measure Girder Spacing

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PGSuper Location to Measure Girder Spacing

The WSDOT default project criteria sets the location to measure girder spacing fraction at 0.75. According the dialog the deck width would be measured at 0.75L from both supports, and the largest deck width used for live load distribution calculations.

I expected similar controlling deck widths using fractions of 0.25 or 0.75, but this does not seem to be the case.

I have a curved deck with a larger overhang at the left end of the span. The default of 0.75 only seems to return the deck width at 0.75L from the left end. When I change the fraction to 0.25L I get the maximum deck width I expected if the default 0.75 were being measure from both ends.

Am I misinterpreting this input and function?

Thank you for your time.

Rick Brice
The program is using the 0

The program is using the 0.25L and 0.75L locations to determine the spacing between girders. Then it picks up the associated deck overhang.

Please post your file so we can look at your specific situation.

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