PGSuper v. (x64) crashes

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PGSuper v. (x64) crashes

The program just shuts down every time when:

a) running girder design for modified project criteria accounting for variable haunch thickness contributing to composite section properties. This is enabled by going to Project Criteria --> Creep and Camber --> 'Compute haunch dead load accounting for roadway elevation changes assuming:' --> 'Excess camber is defined by a parabola ...' & selecting 'Variable haunch depth accounting ...' beneath.

b) trying to open 'Girder Comparison Report', where one girder in the model has a few strands debonded (specified by Edit-Girder-Strands-Strand Definition type: Individual Strands).

Is there a way to make the program work for these two definitions, haunch contribution to comp. section properties & for a girder with debonded strands?

Thanks in advance,

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Rick Brice
PGSuper v. (x64) crashes

Sorry that the program is giving you trouble.

Please send your PGSuper file and I'll see if there is a workaround. We definitely want to get the crash problem fixed for the next version.

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