PG Splice - Girder Shortening Deformations

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PG Splice - Girder Shortening Deformations

Is there a way to report/graph the girder deformations due to post-tensioning, shrinkage, and creep in PG Splice? We are looking for the long term horizontal deformations on the bearing pads after post-tensioning is applied. We went through the Time-Step details but it was readily apparent where this information is. Thanks!

Rick Brice
PG Splice - Girder Shortening Deformations

Unfortunately there is not. That's an item on the TODO list, but we haven't had an opportunity to implement it yet.

One way to approximate the displacement is to restrain the bridge longitudinally with hinge connections. This will develop axial force in the superstructure. From the axial force you can compute, Delta_L = PL/EA.

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