Long Term Deflections and Editing Timeline

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Long Term Deflections and Editing Timeline
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We are having trouble editing the timeline in PG Super. When we edit the time until traffic opens (Final without Live Load or Final With Live Load) to 2000 days, the program automatically switches it back to 1 day in elapsed time. What we need is the following:

1. Long term creep deflection values (day 2000)
2. Editing the timeline such that the bridge sits in place with DC & DW loaded and on day 2000 the bridge opens to live load.

We tried editing the library, camber and creep values, etc etc. The deflection history graphs still only show 1 day for each event (cast diaphragms, cast deck, final without live load, final with live load).

Thanks for your help!

Rick Brice
Long Term Deflections and Editing Timeline

You will have to switch to time step method to define a non-standard timeline. For LRFD loss methods, the only parameters that effect the standard timeline are "Time from stressing to prestress transfer", "Time from prestress transfer until temporary strand removal/diaphragm casting", and "Time from prestress transfer until deck casting". Camber is computed for both minimum and maximum timing.

The built in assumption for regular slab on girder highway bridges is that the deck locks in the girders and there isn't any measurable camber thereafter.

As explained here (https://www.wsdot.wa.gov/eesc/bridge/software/Documentation/PGSuper/5.1/...) the total camber duration only applies to girders without a composite deck.

Please refer to the Technical Guide for additional details on how creep and deflections are taken into account. https://www.wsdot.wa.gov/eesc/bridge/software/Documentation/PGSuper/5.1/...

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