DLL for VBA 64 bit

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DLL for VBA 64 bit

we have WBFL library Ver. We use geometry.dll ed sections.dll in VBA for Excel.
We want to use this library in Windows 10 64 bit e Office 365 64 bit.
How can we do?



Rick Brice
DLL for VBA 64 bit

We have not published an official VBA edition of the WBFL since the version 2.9 series. This is due to the effort required to publish the libraries and the lack of interest.

We have maintained the software build configuration for 64 bit environments but have not conducted any validation for the VBA targets.

You can get the source code from GitHub.com and compile the libraries using the community edition (free) of Microsoft Visual Studio. The git repository is located at https://github.com/WSDOT/WBFL. The most current source code is on the master branch.

Review the "Getting Started" section on GitHub, paying particular attention to the prerequisites and required environment variables.

Once you've properly set up your build environment, compile the VBA_Release configuration for the x64 platform.

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