Construction Loads and Stress Calculations

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Construction Loads and Stress Calculations

While I was checking the effect of the Construction Loads on girder stresses, I noticed that no matter what I changed the Construction Load to (e.g. 0.020 KSF or 1000 KSF), it did not affect the stress calculations at all. I.e. I ran the analysis (Spec Check Report) for Girder A with 0.020 KSF construction load, closed the "Spec Check Report", changed the construction load to 1000 KSF, attempt to re-run a "Spec Check Report" for Girder A again, then see no change in the results.

However, if I closed the program (or open a different file momentarily), then reopen the file of interest, then re-analyze the girder of interest, the results will then adjust to the Construction Load I inputted accordingly.

Originally was writing the post to find a solution, because I thought the program wasn't picking up the Construction Loads at all, but I believe I have found a workaround now. However, still thought it is worth bringing it to people's attention if it is indeed a bug.

PS: I am using PGSuper Version (x64).


Rick Brice
Construction Loads and Stress Calculations

Thanks for the heads-up and workaround. This is indeed a bug and we'll get it fixed for the next release.

An alternative workaround is to make any edit that modifies the bridge, such as change a span length, bearing of a pier, concrete property, strands, etc, after changing the construction load. Then undo that change so it doesn't have a net effect.

In interactive graphical programs, "Events" occur when the user changes something. The "Construction Load Changed" event wasn't handled properly so results aren't being automatically updated.

I also wanted to say thanks for contributing to the User Forum. Typically users just post questions and expect someone to provide solutions without ever contributing themselves. This is a community forum and it relies on contributions of users to be successful.

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