User Defined Loads in Reported Reactions

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User Defined Loads in Reported Reactions

Is there a reason why the reactions from the User Defined loads are not included in the PGSuper Pier Reactions report? It can be a little misleading if someone is looking for a quick report of all the bearing reactions for these user defined loads to not be included. Especially if the user defined loads are large. Similarly, in the Momment, Shears, & Reactions portion of the detailed report there is a nice summary table of girder bearing reactions, but again this doesn't include the user defined loads. When trying to compile loads to use for substructure design this can easily lead to an important load being missed.

I've attached snapshots of both the Pier Reactions report and the table from the Moment, Shears, & Reactions section of the details report to show what I am referring to.

If this is something that could be changed for future releases, it would be a big help.


Rick Brice
User Load Reactions

The Moment, Shears, and Reactions report does list the reactions for user defined loads. It lists the total of the DC, DW, and User LLIM cases. It does not list the reactions for each individual load.

The user load reactions were accidently excluded from the Pier Reactions Report. This for bringing this to our attention. I will get it fixed for the next release.

Re: User Load Reactions

Thank you for the quick response. Having those in the Pier Reactions report will be very useful, thanks for looking into that.

Alivia Plankis, PE

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