Dead Load Deflections - PGSuper vs. TxDOT

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Dead Load Deflections - PGSuper vs. TxDOT
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I'm running version and have a question about the data in the Haunch Summary tables (see the attached screenshot).

This version of PGSuper/BridgeLink is so impressive. I've seen this program constantly grow/improve/change over the course of several years, and was so happy to see these tables (as well as the bearing seat elevations!). I just wanted to check something though... TxDOT says the deflection due to dead load from the slab (A and B points in the screenshot), should only be due to 80% of the deck's dead load. Is PGSuper using this 0.8 factor in the dead load deflection calculation, and is there a way to check that?



Thanks for the kind words. We are constantly improving the program and very glad that you appreciate it.

Yes, the 0.8 factor is applied to TxDOT beams. The factor is parametric and configurable in the girder library "haunch and camber" tab. Values can be checked by looking in the Details report's Camber Details chapter.

Note that there is a fairly minor bug in 4.011 that causes bearing seat elevations of plumb girders to be off by a small amount if multiple bearings are used at the end of a girder. This will be fixed in 4.1.


Richard Pickings, P.E.
BridgeSight Inc.

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