PGSuper Finished Elevations Discrepancy

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PGSuper Finished Elevations Discrepancy

Hello! I was hoping to get some help... I've modeled a deck bulb-tee girder bridge and the spec check report says that it fails in the Finished Elevation check. But in the Bridge Geometry report, it appears to be fine. The Spec Check report gives a different finished elevation than the Bridge Geometry Report for the same girder at the same location. They are different by about 2.5 inches. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I've attached the PGSuper file

Thanks so much!

Binary Data PGSuper File157.21 KB
Rick Brice
PGSuper Finished Elevations Discrepancy

The elevations aren't different by about 2.5", they are different by exactly 2.5". That's the thickness of the overlay.

The spec check is inadvertently missing the overlay depth in the finished elevation. The finished elevation in the Bridge Geometry Report includes the overlay depth.

This is a bug.

I'll get it fixed for the next release.

deadfish88 (not verified)
PGSuper Finished Elevations Discrepancy

Thank you so much! After thinking about it for a bit, I was kinda guessing that may be the case. I so appreciate the quick response and looking into it for me!

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