Mildly Asymmetric Box Beam

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Mildly Asymmetric Box Beam

It seems all of the beam cross section templates are symmetric about the vertical centerline. On occasion box beams have been constructed with a slightly asymmetric cross-section (eg. sloped side face, etc) to have an exterior girder face configured for an aesthetic feature. Is there a way to input a girder with such asymmetry? Is there a way to take one of the basic template cross sections for a box beam, and "adjust" the definitions of moment of inertia, cross-sectional area, and centroid location to match the geometry of the non-symmetric cross-section? In such a design, we would ensure the centroid of the strand group was configured to avoid a transverse eccentricity to avoid any transverse sweep.

Please advise.

Mike H.

Rick Brice
Mildly Asymmetric Box Beam

Version 4 introduced asymmetric deck bulb tee girders. Asymmetric box beams were not included in that updated. If this is a feature that TxDOT would like, it can be implemented.

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