Note that there are three different "official" sites where you can get PGSuper. Read carefully below and decide which is best for you.

PGSuper Professional

PGSuper Professional from BridgeSight Inc. is a powerful extended version of PGSuper that adds many useful features for new users and power users. PGSuper Professional users also get access to toll-free technical support, exclusive DOT configurations, and other productivity-enhancing features. More information, and a 30-day free trial offer, can be found at


Download PGSuper from WSDOT's PGSuper Site

The latest version of PGSuper can be downloaded at the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) Bridge Engineering Software website.


Download PGSuper from TxDOT's PGSuper Site

Download the current TxDOT (Texas Department of Transportation) approved version of PGSuper from

TxDOT has also posted a PGSuper Design Guide avalable at:

Also, users working on TxDOT bridge projects can get support directly from TxDOT by emailing:


WSDOT or TxDOT? - Which Version Should I Download?

You cannot install more than one version of PGSuper on your computer, so you must choose one.

Simple answer: If you are using PGSuper strictly for TxDOT-related projects, use the TxDOT version. Otherwise, use the WSDOT version.

Given the same program version number, the two programs are identical. However, TxDOT has their own testing and approval process which means that TxDOT releases may slightly lag WSDOT. Also, TxDOT makes small changes during software installation to pre-configure PGSuper's library system for their use.

Consultants using PGSuper for multiple DOT clients should download the WSDOT version. PGSuper can be easily configured for WSDOT, TxDOT, and many other DOT's by following the instructions on our DOT Configuration Library page.


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