Transverse Connection

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Transverse Connection

What is the modeling assumption made for the transverse connection between the voided slab units in PGSuper? Some voided slabs designed with the lateral tension rod to tie the voided slab units together.

Transverse connections

There are two options for adjacent voided slabs (and other adjacent beam types) given on the General tab of the Bridge Description dialog: 1) Prevents vertical displacement, or 2) Sufficient to make girders act as a unit.

This nomenclature is taken from LRFD and affects how distribution factors are computed for the slab beams. The beams are still modeled as a girderline and treated as any other beam in PGSuper. Refer to the Structural Analysis Models section of the PGSuper Theoretical Manual for more details. (press F1 in PGSuper to bring up the documentation).

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Transverse connections


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