Rigid Cross-Section

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Rigid Cross-Section

Does PGSuper have the option to calculate live load distribution factors for a rigid cross-section as prescribed in In my project criteria, under the loads tab, I have PGSuper set to "Compute in accordance with LRFD". However when I go to the details report to view the DF calculations, I do not see the rigid section calculations - only level rule and the spec equations. I'm sure I'm simply missing something here.

Thank you for your help.

Rick Brice
Rigid Cross-Sections

The rigid method no longer applies to prestressed girder bridges. LRFD 7th Edition 2014 changed the rigid method to apply to steel beam-slab bridges only. See the last paragraph of Article

If you want the rigid method, select LRFD 6th Edition or earlier.

If the rigid method LLDF govern, you may want to capture the LLDF values, change back to the 7th Edition, and input these as user defined LLDF.

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