Problem running WBFL

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borja del campo
Problem running WBFL

Hi. I have prior experience with VBA. i have downloaded the WBFL package. I understand that is has some libraries for automating stuff via VBA. However, I cant find the libraries in the downloaded file. I try to run the examples that are located in the Examples directory, and Excel complanins because it can not find the dll. I have also tried using the dll that come with BridgeLing adn PGSuper, but, because of an unknown reason, excel complains because of an compiler error. I am using windows 8, and excel 2013.
I would like to know if someone has encountered the same problems, and if there is some solution to it.

Rick Brice

Due to a lack of interest the VBA compatible interface of the WBFL has not been kept up to date. It appears from our download records that you downloaded the source code for the WBFL. I presume you have the skills and tools to compile it.

There are build targets for VBA. Be sure you are building and registering these versions of the DLLs.

The last pre-build version of WBFL that we published is version 3.6.1. You can download it from the archive section of the WBFL download site.

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