NU 1350 Girder

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NU 1350 Girder


Is it possible to import NU 1350 girder properties into PG-SUPER? Or alternatively, does PG-SUPER have the Nebraska girders as part of its database. If yes, could you please direct me to the location where I can find the same.


Yes,  PGSuper has a built-in

Yes,  PGSuper has a built-in parametric Nebraska NU section. But, I don't know of anyone who has created a library (database) with all of the standard Nebraska NU sizes pre-coded; so you will need to input the dimensions manually.
Our tutorial on working with project library entries should help explain the basic concepts:
Basically, you need to create a new NU 1350 girder in the library, select Nebraska NU as the type, and input the dimensions, available strand locations, and other girder information. Then, select the new beam type on the Bridge Description dialog for your project.
Are you designing for Nebraska? It would be much easier if there was a pre-built library for Nebraska. Are there any users out there who may have started one, or are interesting in helping?

Richard Pickings, P.E.
BridgeSight Inc.

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