Mixed Girder Families

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Mixed Girder Families
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The framing plan of the existing bridge I would like to model contains deck double T girders and non-standard deck bulb T girders that were added when the bridge was previously widened. According to PG Super’s girder library, these girder types belong to different “girder families.” Is there a way to model the bridge with girders from different “girder families?”

Girder families cannot be

Girder families cannot be mixed within a bridge model. This was done in order to avoid the many complexities related to mixing girder spacing, deck types, computation of live load distribution, load computations, structural modeling... in a single model.

Your best option will be to model the structure using two PGSuper files (one for each girder type) being very careful when manually computing and inputting loads and live load distribution factors for the girders in the interface region between the old and new structure.

Sorry for the bad news. Regards,

Richard Pickings, P.E.
BridgeSight Inc.

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