Hold-down forces

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Hold-down forces

I noticed in my details report that the max hold-down force for harped strands is not calculated. Is there a feature to toggle this on? I saw something about it in the help section, but it refers to the design tab, which I believe is probably on an older version of pg super, not the one i have. Any suggestions?

Rick Brice
Evaluation of the hold down

Evaluation of the hold down force is controlled on the Design Tab of the Project Criteria.
If the "Harped Strand Hold Down Force" box is check under the "Check Compliance to Specifications" column, the hold down force will be computed and check against that maximum allowable value defined on the Casting Yard tab of the Project Criteria.

thanks, i didn't realize how

thanks, i didn't realize how to get to the design tab, that it was in the library.

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