Girder strand default values are resetting to zero

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Girder strand default values are resetting to zero

When I change girders, I get the message:

"Changing the girder type will reset the strands, stirrups, and longitudinal rebar to default values.

Is that OK?"

This should be fine as I want the same values as defined in the Girder Library. However, if I click Yes, it removes all the strand.

The Long. Reinforcement and the Trans. Reinforcement restore correctly. I can't seem to find any way around this except for manually editing every girder to match the girder library.

Thanks for any help.

Rick Brice
There is a couple of things

There is a couple of things going on here. First, the strand locations you define in the girder library are only possible locations for strands, not actual locations. You can define a girder type to have 60 possible strand locations but in the actual girder you may use only 45 strands. Strands are located at the first 45 positions defined in the girder library.
Next, lets say that you change girder types from a girder that has 60 possible locations and 45 actual strands are used to a girder type with only 20 possible locations. This is kind of apples and oranges so we reset the strands back to zero.
The longitudinal and transverse reinforcement are reset to their "seed" values defined in the girder library entry. If you were to have altered the stirrup layout from the default, it would have been reset to the default.
The girder library entries are a starting point for defining your girders. If you change the girder type (change the library entry) your data returns to the starting point.
Hopefully this makes sense,
Richard Brice, PE
Software Applications Engineer
WSDOT Bridge and Structures Office

This clears things up. Thanks

This clears things up.

Thanks for your help!


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