Girder Spacing

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Girder Spacing

When using the "NEXT" beam from PCINE, a line appears in the girder tab under span restricting the girder spacing options per span. With PG Super, can I have various girder spacing's across the width as long as they remain constant over the length? For example, I'd like the width of the exterior NEXT beam to be 8' and the interior NEXT beam to have a width 10'.


NEXT beams

The library of NEXT beams was modeled using PGSuper's Ribbed Girder shape. This shape has a flexible-width flange that allows the girder's width to expand with the girder spacing. Unfortunately, when you use this shape the spacing must be the same for all girders.
However, there is a way to get what you want. The TxDOT Double-Tee shape is a fixed-width double-tee that is spaced adjacently, and this girder type can be mixed and matched in a span. Hence, you could create 8' and 10' wide girders and place them in your model as you need.

Richard Pickings, P.E.
BridgeSight Inc.

NEXT Beams

Thank you Richard!

Robert Hill

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