Girder Bearing Location

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Girder Bearing Location

I am having trouble adjusting my girder bearing line location. I don't want PGSuper to assume that my girder length is the same as my span length. Please help!

Rick Brice
The key is the connection

The key is the connection geometry. When editing piers and abutments, you input the station of the reference line. All of the connection dimension are measured from this reference line. The Bearing Offset parameter measures the distance from your reference line to the CL Beaing line. The End Distance measures the distance from the CL Bearing line to the end of the girder.

The span length is measured between CL Bearing lines and the girder length is measured between the ends of the girder.

The connection geometry and reference line concept was updated in Version 2.9. Take a look at the "What's New in PGSuper Professional 1.3 and PGSuper 2.8" tutorial for more information.


Richard Brice, PE
Software Applications Engineer
WSDOT Bridge and Structures Office

andreissa (not verified)
Hi Rick, thanks for your

Hi Rick, thanks for your response. What you're saying makes sense. I'm using PGSuper but I'm not seeing the Bearing Offset Parameter. I downloaded PGSuper from the TXDot website about 1 month ago. Can I still do bearing offsets with the version that I'm using?

Rick Brice
Yes, however the input is a

Yes, however the input is a little different. You have to go to the Connections Library and create a connection object with the bearing offset and girder end distance that you want. Then you have to go to the Pier and Abutment editing windows and select the connection object you created.

Prior to version 2.8, the reference is always the back of pavement seat line or the CL pier line. You don't get a choice for the datum.

andreissa (not verified)
Thanks again, Rick. Your

Thanks again, Rick. Your instructions were liked a charm. I wouldn't have figured this without your help.

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