Future Overlay in Bridge Analysis Report

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Future Overlay in Bridge Analysis Report

I specified a 30 psf “future overlay” wearing surface in the “deck geometry and materials” tab for the “bridge description” dialog box. I would assume that a future wearing surface is to be applied to the composite section as a superimposed dead load (Bridge Site 2) together with the barrier load. Where is this load accounted for in the bridge analysis report? The shears for Bridge Site 2 appear to only include the barrier load. Also, toggling between “overlay” and “future overlay” in the bridge description dialog box does not appear to affect the Bridge Site 2 shears, which I believe it should.

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Future Overlay

Two points here.
1) It looks like there is a bug in the bridge analysis report. The future overlay is reported as zero, when it is not. However, the  results in the Details Report appear correctly.

2) Normal overlays are applied in Bridge Site 2. Future overlays are applied in Bridge Site 3. Bridge Site 2 is when bridge construction has finished , but it is not yet open to service. Bridge Site 3 is the final service stage after construction. The main difference being is that future overlay loads are not applied to loss computations.

Richard Pickings, P.E.
BridgeSight Inc.

Future Overlay


Rich Rotto, P.E.

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