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Does PGSuper run full slab analysis or is it just using the information we input solely in the design of the beam?

Rick Brice
PGSuper does not run a full

PGSuper does not run a full slab analysis. Transverse deck reinforcing is not an input in the program and therefore a transverse analysis of the deck cannot be performed.

Longitudinal deck reinforcement is input into the program. It is used for negative moment ultimate capacity for continuous bridges and for the longitudinal tension tie for shear capacity analysis with the "flexural tension side" is at the top of the girder.

I see that you are a TxDOT engineer. TxDOT is a partner in the PGSuper development effort. If you would like PGSuper to do a full deck analysis including transverse analysis, evaluation of crack control limits, etc, perhaps you can suggest that to the PGSuper team at TxDOT.

Best regards,

Richard Brice, PE
Software Applications Engineer
WSDOT Bridge and Structures Office

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