Continuous LL (Truck only) Moment

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Continuous LL (Truck only) Moment

I am checking an existing bridge on TxDOT version of PgSuper 2.8.
The bridge has 3 spans made continuous for LL, 50'-60'-50' .

I have assigned ONLT The HS20-44 truck under the "Load" tab, no Lane, HL93,....
Cross section properties are the same for all 3 spans.

The results for "Design-HS-20_Truck" moment Per Lane is just over 600 k-ft in all spans, outer ones have slightly greater moments.

when I run a 3 span continuous with a 3 point loads of 8, 32, 32 , 14 feet apart in SAP2000 and STAAD, I get 509k-ft

I can understand a small difference but not 100 k-ft.... What Am I doing wrong??

I'd appreciate your help