Bearing Design Parameters Report

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Bearing Design Parameters Report

Hi Rick,

I have a three continuous span PC slab girder bridge. I was trying to get the loads on piers from Bearing Design Parameters Report. However, I could only get the bearing reactions for the two end piers, but not the two intermediate piers. The report has a message saying " Final Bearing Reactions are not available if neither end of girder is simply supported." What is that mean? I do have column and crossbeam defined at intermediate piers.

Yan Liu

Rick Brice
If you have continuous or

If you have continuous or integral intermediate piers, there aren't any "bearing" reactions after continuity is made. The girders frame into a continuity diaphragm and the only reaction after continuity is the total girder line reaction.

Thank you, Rick! I got the

Thank you, Rick!

I got the total girder line reaction from Detail Report.



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