Bearing Design Parameter Report

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Bearing Design Parameter Report

I have modeled a four span simply supported bridge with a “hinged” connection at the piers. This bridge also has 3 girder lines on the exterior spans (about 40 feet long) and 4 girder lines of the interior spans (about 95 feet long). For the self weight of the girder, the “bearing design parameter report” for “Span 1 Girder A” at the pier appears to have added the reactions from “Span 2 Girder A” as well to that of the “Span 1 Girder A” reactions. The diaphragm, construction, slab, traffic barrier, and overlay reactions at the pier have the same issue. Rather than showing a combined reaction at the pier, I would expect the “Span 1 Girder A” report to be only for the Span 1 Girder A reaction and not include the reactions from span 2. Is this correct?

Binary Data BR NO 7505.pgs315.47 KB
Rick Brice
Rich, The Bearing Design

The Bearing Design Parameters report gives the total pier reaction at intermediate piers. This is a known issue and needs to be cleaned up. You can use the girder end shears in place of the reactions. The rotations are fine.
At WSDOT, we have continuous beams so there aren't any bearing at the intermediate piers. The design parameters work find at the abutments.

Bearing Design Report

Understood. Thank you for the response.

Rich Rotto, P.E.

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