Announcing BridgeLink Professional 2.1.1

March, 13 2018 - BridgeSight is proud to announce BridgeLink Professional Version 2.1.1, PGSuper Professional 2.1.1 and PGSplice Professional 2.1.1 in concert with the Washington and Texas Departments of Transportation recent release of BridgeLink 1.1.5. This new release is a maintenance release that fixes several bugs. We recommend that all users update as soon as possible.

BridgeLink Professional

BridgeLink Professional includes PGSuper Professional, PGSplice Professional, and the Bridge Engineering Toolbox. BridgeLink Professional provides unprecedented capability to design and analyze precast concrete bridges. More information about BridgeLink Professional can be found at:

PGSplice Professional

PGSpliceā„¢ is Precast-Prestressed, Post-Tensioned Spliced Girder design, analysis, and load rating software. PGSpliceā„¢ can be used to design, check, and load rate precast-prestressed spliced girder bridges in accordance with the AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specification and DOT agency-specific criteria. Analysis is performed with a detailed time-step methodology. Specification checking evaluates girders for compliance with strength, service, and detailing criteria. Girder segments are evaluated for stresses and stability during handling and transportation.

PGSplice Professional adds premium features to PGSplice including: 3D visualization; enhanced reporting; enhanced library management; Export Results to Microsoft Excel, DXF, LandXML, and ViaThor's VBent pier design software; And, exceptional customer support.

Bug fixes in PGSplice Professional 2.1.1

  • Fixed problem computing deflections due to post-tensioning loads
  • Fixed problem computing live load distribution factors when the analysis section is coincident with a closure joint
  • Fixed issues that are common with PGSuper (see PGSuper release notes)
  • Fixed crash problems for various modeling scenarios
  • Fixed crash problem remove girders from the cross section
  • Fixed problem computing friction losses for tendons stressed from both ends
  • Fixed problem specifying construction event for post-tensioning.

More information about PGSplice Professional can be found at:

PGSuper Professional

Over the last year, we have added a huge amount of new functionality to PGSuper Professional. With these new capabilities, PGSuper now meets the needs of just about every State and agency in the U.S. Below is a bullet list of some main new features, but we recommend that you just take it for a test ride!

Bug fixes in PGSuper Professional 2.1.1

  • Fixed problems with computing haunch load for crown vertical curve cases
  • Added "assumed excess camber" parameter for haunch load computations
  • Added all spiral curve parameters to reports
  • Fixed table headings for Total Girder Line and Bearing Reaction tables
  • Fixed problem reporting combined live load reactions
  • Fixed problem reporting incorrect event for user loads
  • Fixed problem with strand number labeling in girder library
  • Fixed problem with inability to restart a design after it has been canceled
  • Added key points including bar cutoffs and face of support for negative moment capacity analysis
  • Fixed miscellaneous graphical presentation issues
  • Fixed miscellaneous reporting issues in TxDOT reports
  • Added information note to library types that contain seed values
  • Fixed reporting problems for Emergency Vehicle ratings
  • Fixed problem computing station and offset for alignments with angle points
  • Fixed problem evaluating status of hauling analysis specification check
  • Fixed problem reporting deck panel deflection in TxDOT camber table
  • Fixed reporting of elastic shortening loss equations for TxDOT loss method
  • Fixed issues with modeling skewed piers with decked slab beams
  • Fixed problem with copy girder properties command
  • Fixed problem applying diaphragm loads to wrong analysis interval
  • Fixed problem computing girder stresses during lifting with inclined girders
  • Fixed problem with girder stresses with elastic gains due to live load are included
  • Fixed problem with analysis interval not being modeled for post-tensioned temporary top strands

More information about PGSuper Professional can be found at:

BridgeSight and the entire OpenRoute team are very proud and excited about this new release and we encourage current customers to upgrade as soon as they get a chance. Those of you who have not tried PGSuper Professional for a while, we recommend that you take a test drive. 30 day trial information can be found at:

Best Regards,

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