ANNOUNCEMENT: Important information regarding PGSuper 2.5.0

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Rick Brice
ANNOUNCEMENT: Important information regarding PGSuper 2.5.0

We have recently discovered an error in PGSuper that may significantly impact your designs. The final tension stress for the Service III limit state is computed incorrectly when the following conditions exist in your PGSuper project:
1)      The bridge is modeled as a multi-span structure
2)      Continuous or integral boundary conditions are used
3)      The analysis method is set to “Envelope of Simple Spans and Simple Spans made Continuous”
The Service III stresses are computed correctly for single span structures and for single or multi-span structures when the analysis method is either “Simple Span” or “Simple Spans made Continuous”.
PGSuper Version 2.5.1 corrects this issue and is available for download at I strongly encourage you to update PGSuper as soon as possible and to review any analysis results created with version 2.5 of the software.
I sincerely apologize for the difficulties with the software and the inconvenience this causes you. The entire PGSuper team strives for the highest level of excellence and we hope that you will continue to use PGSuper with confidence.
Richard Brice, PE
Software Applications Engineer
WSDOT Bridge and Structures Office