12/01/2011 - BridgeSight Signs Contract with Kansas DOT to Perform PGSuper Modifications

News Release - December  1, 2011 - BridgeSight Software signs contract with the Kansas Department of Transportation Bridge Division to customize the open source girder design program PGSuper to fit KDOT's needs for LRFD precast/prestressed girder design. When completed, KDOT will have a custom girder design program that is tailored to meet their needs at a fraction of the cost to develop software from scratch.

PGSuper is the most widely used, most comprehensive, AASHTO LRFD precast bridge girder design software in the world. Best yet, the program is open source which means that it’s free to be used and modified by all. PGSuper is owned and developed by the Washington Department of Transportation. For more information about PGSuper, go http://www.pgsuper.com


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