07/29/2011 - PGSuper 2.5 Released

WSDOT posted PGSuper Version 2.5 yesterday. It can be downloaded from
This release contains many new features, but probably the most  important are new capabilities for designing and reporting for multiple beams simultaneously. Users can now select multiple beams in a bridge to be designed, and streamlined multi-beam spec check results give you the power to easily compare results. Below is a list of some of the more important new features.

  • Improved overall performance of the software (up to 6X faster than Version 2.4)
  • Design multiple girders with one command
  • Multiple girder specification check report
  • Report multiple girder designs for TxDOT CAD export
  • User defined live load distribution factors can now be defined per girder
  • New mild reinforcing steel types (A615 and A706 in Grade 40, 60, 75, and 80)
  • Support for TxDOT spread slab beams
  • Directly select Project Criteria from within TxDOT TOGA plugin
  • Ability to define end block regions for U Beams
  • Limitations on effective flange width calculations per LRFD can be ignored

Refer to the WSDOT site for more detailed release notes. We recommend that users upgrade to 2.5 as soon as is practical.

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Richard Pickings, Webmaster, www.pgsuper.com