07/29/2010 - New Oregon DOT PGSuper Configuration

PGSuper.com Newsletter - July 29, 2010

We just added a new PGSuper configuration to make it easier for Oregon DOT engineers to use PGSuper. The configuration includes all common I Beam sections used by ODOT.



About DOT Configurations

WSDOT and TxDOT engineers know how easy it can be to design precast girders using PGSuper. Preset configurations put predefined girder sections, standards, and design policies just a few mouse clicks away.

Our new configuration library is here to make PGSuper this easy for any DOT. We have configurations for several DOT's and new tutorials to help get you up to speed fast. And, like PGSuper, using the library is free!

 Check it out at:



We Need Your Help!

Our goal is to have configurations for all 50 states and other agencies around the world. But we can't do it all on our own. This is a community effort. If you have PGSuper libraries, project files, or DOT-specific design expertise; please help us build the library! Visit the DOT configuration site for more information.


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