01/28/2015 - Announcement - WSDOT Releases Beta Version of its new software BridgeLink

On the 15th anniversary of the first public Beta release of PGSuper, the WSDOT Bridge and Structures Office is pleased to announce the first public beta release of BridgeLink. BridgeLink is an extensible application framework for bridge engineering software. BridgeLink allows for a wide variety of bridge engineering applications to be linked together in a consistent and cohesive environment. This first version of BridgeLink features beta versions of PGSuper 3.0, BEToolbox 3.0, and the multi-stage, post-tensioned precast-prestressed splice girder design program: PGSplice 3.0.

Help us make PGSuper and PGSplice Better! BridgeLink is currently in Beta. This means that we have already performed a huge amount of testing, but the software and its documentation are a work in progress, and you may experience bugs and crashes. That said, we would really appreciate your feedback about the program - your input during the Beta test will help us make the final release the best design tool possible.

To learn more, and to download BridgeLink, go to WSDOT's BridgeLink site at http://www.wsdot.wa.gov/eesc/bridge/software/index.cfm