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Anna M.
Cracking information

I saw on the known problems page that PGSuper used to calculate cracked moment of inertia wrong but then it was fixed. Is cracked moment of inertia included in one of the reports? Where can I find it?
Also, I have the TxDOT version which always says cracked section analysis not performed. Is there a way to make PGSuper perform the cracked section analysis?

Cracked section analysis

The cracked section analysis is performed when evaluating the provisions of AASHTO MBE 6A. in accordance with the sample calculations shown in MBE A2A.13.2.2.

The cracked section moment of inertia can be found in the Load Rating Report. The Optional Cracked Section Analysis Details chapter must be selected.

Additionally, PGSuper Professional has a Cracked Section Analysis Details Report that provides additional details and a graphical representation of the cracked section.

For general prestressed girder design and analysis gross or transformed sections can be used. Girders are typically designed to be uncracked (tension stress limit <= modulus of rupture) at the service limit state.

PGSuper is open source software. See You can add cracked section analysis to the specialized versions of the program as needed. The underlying software components (e.g. WBFL RCCapacity) provide the computation support for cracked section properties.

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